Well let me tell you I have never been told go learn something in my class tat you always wanted to learn but never had the time to  do so. This was a completely new approach for me in fact i had to think for days on what it was that I wanted to learn and why. Finally after many days of thinking man I don’t even know what it is other than studying to become an instructor what it is that i want to learn just for me. then it hit me I like language and I even know about 10-20 words in about 5 -7 different languages but not another language. So i picked the second most spoken language on the planet Spanish. well then there was the question how will I learn this new language? What do I feel will be the best way for me to learn? Where can I find a good pace to start such an adventure?

So I decided the internet would be a good place to start looking for some free Spanish lessons,i found hundreds of sights that offered lesson now how would I decide what ones would work for me best. The task pick sites one by one until I found a couple that peaked my interest and would meet my learning needs. Trust me not everything you read on the internet is as it seems. well I found two sites that had words, audio, pictures and quiz’s. theses are all good ways to evaluate and validate my learning experience. After spending ten hours over the next several days on these two web sites I found that  wow this will be a long process be will be a rewarding one if i stick to it. I set a goal for my self of trying to learn one new word a day this will be a reachable, realistic and achievable goal. Well got to go life has already gotten in the way and I am two word down from my goal so off I go to meet my goal.