Well here goes blog number two

Flipping the class well to be honest my first thought was this will not work in some schools or areas due to lack of access to technology. Yes there is still some families in Manitoba that due not have TV,radio,computer,smartphone or internet at there own request.So then how could this flipping the classroom even work in an area like this, then I read this article That got me thinking out side the box.Why does flipping the classroom have to be high tech why cant it  just be simple, put an idea in your students head  allow them time to reflect while not in class ie: weekend or overnight instruct for written findings .Another way is to allow time during a class to only take in information on material, then allowing for  individual, small group and large group  reflection or discussion.

Now I am fully aware that this method may not be welcomed by all students with little time outside of class for homework,writing or reflecting with busy lives and families.Keeping in mind introverts may find group activities will put them out of there comfort zone, however during personal reflection may accelerate.Where as the extroverts may have reverse  experience,keeping the playing field fair and even.Now I am not saying that flipping the classroom should always be used, only that  trying something new may be scary or make some educators nerve wrecks  but with out trying new ways of engaging students in the learning process true learning may be lost.When ever educators can stimulate and engage there students learning is happening and this is a good thing for the students and the educator, after all that’s why educators started educating. To teach others something that we already know and are passionate about, How know’s maybe making the learning pattern go full circle with one of your students feeling and grasping your excitement then later becoming an educator .After all we where all there at some point our self and now look at us!