My take on student centered learning, getting students involved in there own learning process. After meeting students  needs of feel safe,sense of belonging and self-esteem (Maslow) in the classroom, learning what it is all about. Wow what a good idea giving some control of what is being learned to those doing the leaning. After browsing many articles on this topic there where two that stood out for me.Talk of having students feel like they belong ( Tuckman 1975) having power and control ( Garland,Jones,Kolodny 1978) and will (Jarlath F Benson) all play key rolls in today’s learning. Allowing students to be different yet the unified, competitive yet separate, and connecting yet relating  while covering the material from learners knowledge. With the instructor also learning what his/ her students know and may still need to know about the material (subject) at hand. As many of the articles state other forms of student stimulation are also very important,hands on if possible, visual stimulation and yes even lectures.

When given a chance to improve the learning of students by means of proven results,why would we at minimum not  attempt to try this student centered learning for at least one of our lessons? As one of the article states “learners are treated as co-creators in the learning process, as individuals with ideas and issues that deserve attention and consideration”(McCombs and Whistler (1997)). Thinking back if only one of my teachers (instructors) used student centered approach to teaching it would have kept me more interested in some school topics. Having a passion for teaching  others skills, knowledge and material is why we do what we do, changing with the times should be part of that experience. Everyday there are new theories and ideas on learning being introduced try and using  them  is up to those educating. As for me, student centered approach will have a place in my classroom when ever subject matter possible until such time as student centered approach no longer works.  Finding new ways in helping students learn and  meeting there needs should always be at the four front of reaching students of all ages. I hope that as long as I teach I will also learn and as long as I learn I will try to teach.